Exterior Car Care

Give your car a professional quality detail at home with AutoSmart’s range of exterior car care products. Specialising in commercial-quality car wax and polishes to ensure a longer shine between washes.

Car Wax: A wax polish will do more than just leave your paintwork with a brilliant shine. AutoSmart Wax adds an additional protective coating on your car surface to defend against the sun and other weather damage

Polish: A Car polish will buff out and remove swirling, blemishes and light scratches on your car paintwork.

Car Clean: Lift dirt, debris and traffic grime with our pH neutral car shampoo or Wash and Wax.

Wheel Cleaner: Remove brake dust and grease from your wheels fast with a specialised wheel cleaner. Red7 for a paint-safe wheel cleaner

Tyre Shine: Bring back the shine to your tyres with our Tyre foam and Tyre gel. Tyre black products add moisture to help stop cracking and leave a desirable wet-look.

Rubber and Plastic Restorer: Revive dull plastic car trims that have faded in the sun. Instantly turn worn-looking plastic trims on doors, bumpers and interiors with AutoSmart Vinyl Shield.

Glass Cleaner: Get streak-free clarity without residue on your car windows and windscreen. Safe to use on tinted glass.

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