Car Care Accessories

Quality car care accessories will help you achieve the best results when cleaning your car.

Car Cleaning Cloths and Applicators

We recommend using a microfibre cloth when cleaning the car. Microfibre cloths and microfibre noodle pads easily pick up dirt, drawing it away from the surface and release the dirt when rinsed. Inside the car, microfibre cloths act as a magnet to dust, allowing to achieve a dust-free dash in moments

Drying Chamois and towels

The trick to a spotless shine on your car paintwork is to dry the surface with a quality car chamois or drying towel. Chamois cloth is highly absorbent. When you glide the chamois across your paintwork it will push any remaining water off the surface for a glistening finish.

A microfibre drying towel works differently. Highly absorbent in nature, the towel will pick up any beading water left over. Our Twisted Loop Drying Towel can hold over a litre of water!

Fishcale Glass Cloths

To achieve a streak-free shine on your car windshield we recommend using a fishscale cleaning cloth in conjunction with a quality glass cleaning solution. This dust-free cloth removes smudges for a crystal clear finish

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