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Sophisticut Medium Cutting Compound


Easily buffs out small scratches and blemishes from all types of paintwork, giving you a vibrant look.

  • Medium cutting compound
  • Removes Swirls
  • Perfect for scratches and paint defects
  • Removes oxidisation and restores colour vibrancy


Looking for a medium cutting compound that will easily buff out small scratches and blemishes from your paintwork? Look no further than Sophisticut! This product excels in removing swirls. Additionally, it’s ideal for dealing with scratches and paint defects. For instances where paint is dull, Sophisticut will also help to remove oxidisation and restore colour vibrancy. 

We all know how frustrating it can be to find scratches and swirls on our car paintwork. But with AutoSmart’s Sophisticut Cutting Compound, you can easily remove those blemishes and get your paintwork looking smooth and new again!

This medium cutting compound combines nanotech technology and aluminium oxides. The unique formula quickly and effectively remove scratches, swirls, and oxidisation. It’s also easy to work with – simply apply it to the affected area and buff it out until the blemish is gone.

Sophisticut Medium Cutting Compound has no powdered rock so it’s more gentle on the paintwork. This means less risk of damage to your paintwork. So why not try AutoSmart Sophisticut Cutting Compound today? It’s simply the best way to restore your car paintwork to its original beauty.

Why use a medium cutting compound?

  • Small surface scratches
  • Swirls
  • Paint blemishes
  • Paintwork oxidisation ie, dull coating
  • Removal of deep marring
  • Fix Water/acid etching

How to use AutoSmart Sophisticut Cutting Compound

  1. Before use,  inspect the paintwork. What you are looking for is scratching or other damage to the paint. If it has very light scratches like ‘swirls’ caused by washing, we recommend you use AutoSmart Swirlsaway.
  2. Give the car a thorough clean using a ph-neutral cleaner such as AutoSmart Smartwash
  3. Apply Sophisticut. Wet the cloth and apply a small amount of product
  4. Rub left to right up and down and in a circular motion. Working it in all directions onto the paintwork
  5. Periodically inspect the paint and continue working, adding more product or water if needed until the desired result is achieved.
  6. Clean the car to remove the cutting compound ready for a polish

 Compare Autosmart cutting compounds:

EVO 1 EVO + Sophisticut
Removes fine swirls Removes swirls Removes swirls
Removes fine scratches Removes scratches Removes medium scratches
Hand and Machine use Hand and Machine use Hand and Machine use
  Use on Paint damage Use on Paint damage
  Removes Paint Oxidisation Removes Paint Oxidisation
  Easy to use Paint correction from de-nibbing


  • Size: 500ml
  • Suitable for hand and machine use

Learn more: Paint Oxidisation

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