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The trusted name in quality car care is AutoSmart Retail. We have been servicing the professional detailing industry for decades and now, these commercial-grade products are available direct to you so that your vehicle can be professionally cleaned with impressive results!

The Best in Car Paint Protection

Looking for a way to protect your car’s paint? AutoSmart has the right product in stock! Our experienced team recommends reading our Car Wax Buyers Guide before purchasing anything. If you’re looking to restore old, dull surfaces on any type of vehicle check out The Cutting Compound Buyer’s Guide. The cutting compound guide helps you learn how to remove swirls, scratches or oxidation like professional car detailers. We also have loads of expert detailing advice and tips for free in the Autosmart Retail Blog and News Section.

Automotive enthusiasts turn to AutoSmart to protect their paint and vehicle interiors. We recommend reading our Car Wax Buyers Guide to help you choose a product for your car paint type. If you are looking to restore your paintwork read the Cutting Compound Buyers Guide to learn just what you need to remove swirls, scratches or oxidation.

New to AutoSmart Retail is our highly appraised AquaSeal Rapid Ceramic SIO2. Apply using a snow foam cannon for the fastest protective gloss. The ceramic SIO2 component gives your car long-lasting hydrophobic shine.

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