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At Autosmart Retail, we live by our name – when it comes to auto, we’re smart cookies! We know the auto cleaning and detailing industry like no one else, we only supply top calibre products, and we have the expertise and long-standing experience to deliver not only the best products, but unparalleled service. If you’re not yet aware of the Autosmart family, you might be interested to know a little more about us.

Our Team

The team behind AutoSmart is essential to the fabric of our very success. All our staff are energetic and enthusiastic in their role and individually contribute to make AutoSmart Australia’s number one in Car Care products.

David Buckley CEO Autosmart Australia

David Buckley

Managing Director

Geoff Stibbard

Geoff Stibbard

Sales and Support

Jacinta Harris

Jacinta Harris


Dave Gretton

Dave Gretton

Office Manager

Andrew Whyte

Andrew Whyte

Warehouse / Logistics

Coming soon

Research and Development

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