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Twisted Loop Drying Towel


Dry your car fast with the AutoSmart Twisted Loop Drying Towel.

Advanced microfibre technology ensures this towel glides effortlessly over your paintwork, gently absorbing all the moisture. You will be amazing at just how much water it can hold!

  • Size: 40cm x 60cm
  • Soaks up water effortlessly
  • Unique microfibre cloth technology
  • Superior drying
  • Light-weight
  • Scratch-free drying
  • Material: 70% Polyester 30% Polyamide blend


The AutoSmart Car Drying Towel sucks up water effortlessly as you glide it over your paintwork.

Effortless car drying

Drying your car has many advantages including minimising streaks and water spots. A fast dry also allows you to apply a wax/polish after you have cleaned your car. The twisted loop construction makes the drying cloth lightweight allowing it to glide across your paintwork.

The twisted loop towel won’t leave behind swirling, unlike other heavier drying towels. Rounded corners with trimmed bound-in satin ensure years of scratch-free drying.

AutoSmart Twisted Loop Drying Towel details:

  • Size: 40cm x 60cm
  • Advanced microfibre technology
  • Soaks up water like a magnet
  • Material: 70% polyester / 30% Polyamide blend
  • Glides across your paint surface without the heavy drag
  • Satin trim corners for added durability


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Drying Towel

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