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Silicone Spray – 3 Fragrances


Looking for a product that will help you add an instant sheen to your car’s vinyl and plastic surfaces? Look no further than AutoSmart Silicone Spray!

  • Reconditions dashboards, grilles, bumpers, spoiler and trims
  • Medium to a high gloss
  • Protectant spray for vinyl and plastic trim
  • Aerosol spray
  • Size: 400ml
  • Choose from three fragrances: Berry, Bubble Gum, Starburst


Looking to make your car look its best? Autosmart Silicone Spray is the perfect solution! This high-gloss silicone spray dressing will give your car’s interior vinyl and plastic trim a beautiful shine. Plus, it comes in a variety of pleasant fragrances to choose from. So why wait? Pick up a can of Silicone Spray today and make your car look its best!

How to use Silicone Spray

  1. Shake can well
  2. Hold can 15cm from surface and spray with even strokes
  3. Wipe over large surface areas with a lint-free cloth for a uniform finish.

AutoSmart Silicone Spray is the perfect way to keep your car looking its best. With just a few sprays, you can add a glossy sheen to any vinyl or plastic surface.

Plus, it offers an instant high sheen on dashboards, grilles, bumpers and spoilers. And it’s not just for cars – you can also use it on boats, 4WDs, trucks and caravans. So keep your vehicles looking their best with AutoSmart Silicone Spray.

Fragrances to choose from:

  • Berry
  • Bubblegum
  • Starburst (Original)

AutoSmart Silicone Spray is the perfect product for dressing up all your car’s plastics and vinyl. It’s widely used in the automotive detailing industry by professionals, and it’ll make your car look great!

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Additional information

Product Type

Aerosol Dressing, Aerosol Polish




Berry, Bubble Gum, Starburst


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