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Tyre Dandy Foaming Shine


Spray on foam shine for your tyres. AutoSmart Tyre Dandy is your fast no-touch tyre cleaner that leaves a restorative shine

  • The fastest way to restore your tyres
  • No-touch tyre foam
  • Instantly restores shine to your tyres
  • Improves rubber condition
  • Leaves a durable, waterproof high sheen finish
  • Tyre Dandy dresses 20-30 tyres in one can
  • Size: 400ml

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Give your car’s tyres the fastest foam treatment with AutoSmart Tyre Dandy! The one-step process effectively conditions and gives your tyres a radiant shine. With a unique formula, this commercial product inhibits cracks and restores flexibility to tyre rubber. Oh, and did we mention the shine?

Fast Foam Tyre shine

AutoSmart Tyre Dandy is an aerosol tyre foam dressing that gives you an incredible weatherproof shine on your tyre walls. But wait, there’s more. It also offers you incredible value for money. In fact, one can of Autosmart Tyre Dandy foaming shine can treat and condition between 20 – 30 car tyres.

The secret is in the foam. The specially formulated aerosol foaming action distributed the ingredients effectively on the surface of your tyre.

Easy and fast to use:

Simply spray onto the tyres and watch the foam as it dries to a wonderful lustre.

Transformation without effort, see your weathered tyres look clean and shiny just like new.

How to use Tyre Dandy

  1. Clean your tyres first. The professionals use Autosmart TW39, simply spray it on, allow it to soak, and then scrub and hose off.
  2. Allow tyres to dry.
  3. Shake can well
  4. Apply a light, even coat to tyre.

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