Cutting Compound

Here at Autosmart, we pride ourselves on offering premium quality cutting compounds at an amazing value. Our cutting compounds are perfect for paint correction, quickly removing swirls and scratches from your paintwork. With our cutting compounds, you’ll be able to achieve a smooth glossy finish, ready for your next wax sealant. So if you’re looking for cutting compounds that offer amazing value, premium quality and perfect results, look no further than Autosmart Retail!

Remove Oxidisation

Oxidisation Removal is when your paint starts looking dull as well as flat, the shine just doesn’t return after a good wash. A quality cutting compound is the best way to remove paintwork oxidisation and restore the superior results of your paintwork. Cutters remove oxidisation, correct paint imperfections and also restore the original colour and shine of your paintwork. The best way to restore shine from dull paintwork.

To use a cutting compound, simply apply it to a clean cloth and rub it into the affected area in a circular motion. You will notice a difference in the appearance of your paintwork immediately. cutting compounds are safe to use on all types of paintwork and do not damage the paint or clear coat.

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Use a Cutting Compound to Remove Scratches

Say goodbye to swirls as well as surface scratches!

Cutting and Paint Correction

Light scratches and also swirling on your vehicle’s paintwork can be unsightly, impacting on the overall appearance of your car. This can be corrected with a quality cutting compound. Light swirl marks need only a fine-cutting compound such as the AutoSmart Evo 1 cut and polish. For scratches, an adaptive compound is useful to correct the paintwork. We recommend AutoSmart Evo+ Adaptive Cutting Compound

So for the best in Cutting and Paint Correction, shop Autosmart today!

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