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Evo 1 Cut and Polish Swirl Removal


The AutoSmart Evo1 is a 2 in 1 cut and polish that gives you the gleaming finish you’ve been craving. A fine cutting formula removes fine swirls leaving a high gloss finish to protect your paintwork.

  • Fine Cutting compound
  • Removes light swirling on paintwork
  • Suitable for new cars and older cars
  • Professional quality cut and polish
  • Size: 500ml


Looking to restore your car’s paint job? Bring it back to its original glory with AutoSmart’s Evo 1 Cut and Polish. This fine cutting compound and polish in one is safe to use on all paint surfaces, making it perfect for paint corrections and swirl removal. With just a few quick and easy steps, you’ll have your car looking like new again. 

Cut your car detailing work in half. This evolutionary combination saves you time and money, turning 2-3 steps of paint detailing down into 1. 

 It is a gentle cutting compound ideal for the removal of light scratching of new or near new vehicle paintwork. Professional car detailers love this product for its fantastic swirl removal, it leaves a high gloss finish that doesn’t bake onto rubbers and plastics. When used with water, Evo 1 allows the user to continue the application until the desired result is achieved.

Gently removes swirls

Swirls are fine scratches on your car paintwork that are usually the result of car cleaning and inferior car cleaning products. These light scratches are also known as micro marring. AutoSmart Evo 1, is easy to apply, gently buffing out the swirls and giving you an even coverage.

This product activates with water and wipes off with a soft cloth

How to use AutoSmart Evo 1 Cut and Polish

  • Before use,  inspect the paintwork. What you are looking for is light scratching and light swirling. If you are seeing deeper scratches and imperfections, a product like AutoSmart Evo + should be used, otherwise, continue.
  • Give the car a thorough clean using a ph-neutral cleaner such as AutoSmart Smartwash
  • Apply Evo 1. Place a small amount onto a wet cloth
  • Gently rub the compound up and down, side to side and also in a circular motion.
  • Regularly check the paint. Add more product or water until you get the result you are after. Spraying extra water on the surface will reactivate the compound
  • Clean off with a clean, soft cloth

Is this product for me?

Use this fine cutting compound and polish to fix the following paint problems on a clear coat surface:

  • Suitable for newer cars and old cars
  • Fine Swirl Marks 
  • Fine blemishes
  • Oxidisation, loss of colour vibrancy


  • Size: 500ml
  • Suitable for hand and machine use

Learn more: How to prevent swirls on your car paintwork

Not sure which cutting compound to buy? Here’s a comparison:

EVO 1 EVO + Sophisticut
Removes fine swirls Removes swirls Removes swirls
Removes fine scratching Removes scratching Removes medium scratching
Hand and Machine use Hand and Machine use Hand and Machine use
  Use on Paint damage Use on Paint damage
  Removes Paint Oxidisation Removes Paint Oxidisation
    Paint correction from de-nibbing

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Cutting Compound




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