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Detailers Perforated Jumbo Chamois 72cm x 50cm


  • Extra absorbent synthetic chamois
  • No-streak finish
  • Perforated chamois for easy break-in
  • Jumbo Size – 72cm x 50cm
  • Use to dry off car paintwork for a streak-free shine


Professional Car Detailers use AutoSmart Detailers Perforated Jumbo Chamois.

Why do they prefer the AutoSmart Perforated Jumbo Chamois?

There are two main purposes of a chamois. Cleaning and Drying.

  1. You can the perforated jumbo chamois as a soft, thick alternative to a sponge when washing your vehicle.
  2. Use the super absorbency of our Detailers perforated Jumbo chamois to obtain a streak-free finish when drying your car paint, windows, mirrors as well as windscreen and chrome bumpers.

Quick details:

  • Made in Germany
  • 72 x 50cm professional size
  • Synthetic chamois made for the European luxury car market
  • Perforated for quick break-in and better absorbency

Quality is everything:

The Autosmart Detailers Perforated Jumbo Chamois is the reason auto detailers worldwide choose it over other brands.

Why it is the detailers choice in chamois:

  • Thickness – the Autosmart Jumbo Chamois is professional grade. As such, it is thick which provides incredible absorbency.
  • Softness – Our chamois offers superior softness
  • Size – At a generous 72cm x 50cm in size, it helps you make light work when drying off the car, boat, truck or caravan.
  • Tough and durable – With its synthetic manufacture, an Autosmart Chamois will outlive most brands.
  • Quality – Unlike so many inferior versions on the market in Australia, Autosmart Detailers Chamois are made in Germany to exacting standards for the European Luxury Car market.

We are all too aware of the cheaply produced, inferior chamois easily found in Australia. Cheap cloths can be both ineffective and leave you with disappointing results.

Streak-free shine on your vehicle paintwork

Our Jumbo Chamois delivers an unparalleled level of absorption, leaving your vehicle paint and glass shiny without the need to use another cloth or paper towel. It’s perfect for when you want that streak-free finish!

Our perforated chamois provides a slightly faster ‘break-in’ time.

Other options for drying:


Additional information

Product Type

Chamois and Sponges


72cm x 50cm


1 x Chamois, 3 x Chamois Pack


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