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Evo+ Adaptive Medium Cutting Compound


The AutoSmart Evo+ Adaptive Medium Cutting Compound gives you a professional finish on your car paintwork. 

  • Adaptive technology saves you multiple steps, making car detailing easy to do at home.
  • Removes scratches, swirls and paint blemishes
  • The ideal clear coat renovator
  • Medium grade diminishing cutting compound 
  • Repairs dull paintwork
  • Size: 500ml


Introducing Evo+ Adaptive Medium Cutting Compound. This specialized medium-grade cutting compound contains a unique formula with car detailers in mind. With its adaptive cutting ability, it turns previous 2-3 step processes into 1. Ideal for clear coat defect restoration.

Evo+ Adaptive Medium Cutting Compound provides an extremely high gloss paint finish with easy cleanup. The higher level of lubrication in the Evo+ allows for higher speed cutting with less risk of surface damage. We believe this product will be a valuable addition to your arsenal and we hope you give it a try!

To get the sleek, new car look you need to start with EVO+ Adaptive Medium Cutting Compound

What is an adaptive cutting compound?

Previously, you would need multiple steps with different compounds to achieve a smooth, glossy finish. The AutoSmart Evo+ Adaptive Medium Cutting Compound quickly levels out scratches and imperfections and then finely smooths out the paintwork, ready for polishing.

Suitable for clear coat scratches and defects

How to use AutoSmart Evo+ Adaptive Medium Cutting Compound

  1. Before use,  inspect the paintwork. What you are looking for is scratching or other damage to the paint. If it has very light scratches like ‘swirls’ caused by washing, a product like AutoSmart Swirlsaway should be used, otherwise, continue.
  2. Give the car a thorough clean using a ph-neutral cleaner such as AutoSmart Smartwash
  3. Apply Eco+. Apply a small amount to a wet cloth
  4. Rub the compound in all directions and also in a circular motion.
  5. Regularly check the paint. Add more product or water until you get the result you are after.
  6. Clean the car to remove the cutting compound ready for a polish

Is this product for me?

Use this medium cutting compound to fix the following paint problems on a clear coat surface:

  • Scratches
  • Swirl Marks 
  • Flatting and paper marks
  • Paint oxidisation
  • Correct paint blemishes and marring
  • Paint imperfections
  • Water or acid etching
  • Remove hologram and compound marks

AutoSmart Cutting Compounds are the best in the business. What sets them apart from other compounds is that they’re free from silicone, ammonia, and fillers. That means they won’t damage your paint, and they’ll actually remove scratches instead of just hiding them. When you use AutoSmart Cutting Compounds, you’ll get a professional-quality finish that will last.



  • Size: 500ml
  • Suitable for hand and machine use

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Compare cutting compounds:

EVO 1 EVO + Sophisticut
Removes fine swirls Removes swirls Removes swirls
Removes fine scratching Removes scratching Removes medium scratching
Hand and Machine use Hand and Machine use Hand and Machine use
  Use on Paint damage Use on Paint damage
  Removes Paint Oxidisation Removes Paint Oxidisation
    Paint correction from de-nibbing

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Cutting Compound




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