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Soft Bristle Detailing Brush 25mm


The AutoSmart soft bristle detailing brush allows you to dust and clean around air vents and other tight spaces

  • Size: 25mm brush head
  • Soft bristles
  • Use to clean vents and crevices
  • Soft bristles are safe to use on all delicate surfaces including leather

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Fluff, dust and crumbs will be easily swept away with the 25mm Soft Detailing Brush.

Fine, soft bristles are perfect for dusting away debris on delicate leather suraces, or plastics prone to scratching. The long bristles of this car detailing brush reach into tight spot to ensure every area can be well cleaned.

Soft Bristle Detailing Brush 25mm details:

  • Bristle head size: 25mm
  • Overall length: 16cm
  • Shorter length allows for greater agility
  • Easy to clean
  • Use for vents, car badges and cleaning leather crevices

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