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Glass Glow Glass Polish


For the most crystal-clear car windows, you need AutoSmart Glass Glow. Get bugs and residue off your car window with AutoSmart Glass Glow. A powerful deep cleaning cream glass polish which cuts through traffic film and bug squash

  • Cleans traffic film
  • Cuts through bug squash
  • Easy to apply and remove with no dusting
  • Removes silicone deposits that cause fogging
  • Use Glass Glow to polish Chrome surfaces
  • Size: 500ml


Looking for a powerful glass polish that will leave your automotive glass looking crystal clear? Look no further than AutoSmart Glass Glow! Our glass polish comes in a cream formula that is designed to deeply clean your glass, removing traffic film and bug debris. Plus, the result is a brilliant, crystal clear finish. So why wait? Order your AutoSmart Glass Glow today and see the amazing difference it can make!

Windscreen Clarity

Our auto glass polish is specifically designed to remove silicone deposits that cause fogging and clean off stubborn stains, giving you a clear view of the road ahead. Tar, bug splatter and fingerprints are gone. Glass Glow is also perfect for polishing chrome surfaces and removing mild water spots.

So don’t let a little grime ruin your driving experience. Autosmart’s glass glow is the number one way to restore clarity to your windows and windscreen.

How to use Glass Glow

  1. Just put one 20-cent size dollop onto a cloth and rub the product all over the window. A little goes a long way.
  2. Keep rubbing until the cloth moves without drag.
  3. Then remove by buffing with a clean microfibre cloth, such as our Premium Microfibre Cloth.

Marine and Boat Perspex:

For restoring clarity to perspex, we recommend you try Autosmart EVO 1 professional polish.


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