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Stardust Instant Polish


AutoSmart Stardust cleans and shines in an instant without smears or dust. It is suitable for paintwork, laminates, wood, chrome, vinyl, leather and rubber

  • Fast aerosol polish – one of our top sellers
  • Suitable for paintwork, vinyl, chrome, glass and wood laminates
  • Ideal for fine detailing around trim and badges
  • Won’t leave a white residue
  • Spray and wipe application
  • Removes fingerprints
  • Size: 400ml


AutoSmart Stardust Eclat Quick Polish is an express professional detailer and dresser for paintwork. In fact, it is the number one Aerosol paint polish in the market!

Additionally, it adds instant polish to chrome, glass and wood laminates. With a quick-drying formulation, it easily removes fingerprints and blemishes, leaving a streak-free shine in seconds! It’s perfect for fine detailing around trim and badges where conventional products often leave a white residue.

*Not recommended for use as a glass polish on windscreens.

How to use Stardust Quick Polish

  1. Shake can well
  2. Spray lightly over the surface
  3. Wipe over with a soft clean cloth, such as a Premium Microfibre Cloth, and buff to a high shine
  4. On vinyl, rubber and leather apply generously, wipe over with a soft cloth and allow to dry.

Looking for a quick and easy way to polish your car? Look no further than Stardust Quick Polish! This convenient spray-on polish is perfect for giving your car a quick shine, without any elbow grease required. Simply spray it on and wipe it off – it’s that easy!

Stardust Quick Polish is used by automotive specialists and car detailers worldwide, so you know it’s a premium product that will take care of your car. And with the Autosmart name, you can be sure it will leave your car looking like new. So don’t go another day without giving your car the TLC it deserves – pick up a can of Stardust Quick Polish today!

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Interior Care, Polish and Wax




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