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NEW Wheel and Tyre Clean and Shine Kit


Restore the look of your wheels and tyres with this all-inclusive kit.

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Kit includes:

  • Red 7 Wheel cleaner and decontaminate 500ml
  • Pure Shine Tyre Dressing 500ml
  • Tyre Foam Applicator spreader
  • 2 x Deluxe microfibre cloths


Introducing our best ever AutoSmart Wheel and Tyre cleaning kit. This pack has everything you need to clean your wheel rims and tyres and leave them with a luxurious. showroom shine.

The kit includes our TOP SELLER Red7, Premium wheel rim and tyre cleaner. It also has Pure Shine, professional detailing long lasting tyre and rubber shine.  It additionally contains 2 x Premium microfibre cleaning cloths as well as a tyre applicator to apply your Pure Shine product.

This fantastic kit offers amazing value for money and is the perfect way to keep your wheels and tyres looking their best.

Wheel and Tyre Cleaning Kit includes:

Clean your wheels and rims

Are your wheels looking a little worse for wear? It’s not surprising – brake dust and other particles have a corrosive effect on alloy wheels, making them look unsightly and devaluing your car.

But there’s no need to worry! Our specialist Red 7 Wheel cleaner turns purple/red when it comes into contact with iron particles, disintegrating the particles for a thorough clean. So you can clean your car wheels and rims quickly and easily, and brake fallout removal has never been so simple.

Professional Car Detailers agree World Wide, our Red 7 Wheel cleaner is the perfect solution for keeping your wheels looking their best.

Best Tyre Shine

If you’re looking for the best tyre shine on the market, then look no further than Pure Shine.

This one-step dressing will rejuvenate your tyres and leave them with a lustrous shine. Pure Shine is easy to apply and gives professional results. You’ll be sure to impress everyone with your newly cleaned tyres.

Don’t let your tyres go another day without the pure shine of Pure Shine!

How to give your wheels and tyres the best clean

  1. Hose off debris from your wheels and tyres
  2. Spray Red 7 on your wheels
  3. Agitate Red 7 if necessary using the brush
  4. Hose off
  5. Wipe any minor residue off with a microfibre cloth
  6. Apply Pure Shine tyre gel to the tyres using the tyre applicator.

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Car Care Kit, Wheel Cleaner

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