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Autofresh Odour Fix


Neutralise bad odours instantly with AutoSmart Autofresh Odour Fix.

  • Eliminates stubborn tobacco smells
  • Removes smells from dog and cat urine
  • Removes strong scents
  • Will not stain or mark your vehicle liner
  • To use, spray onto the affected area
  • Size:  500ml and 1 litre


Get hold of bad odours in your car and home once and for all with AutoSmart Autofresh Odour Fix. This specialised formulation neutralises mal odours by trapping and absorbing the bad smells.

Which odours will it neutralise?

Odour Fix will remove and neutralise a host of bad odours plaguing your car, home or workplace. This includes:

  • Tobacco/Nicotine/Cigarette odours
  • Food
  • Urine from pet/child
  • Animal smells

How to use Odour Fix:

  1. Spray Odour Fix neat into the area with a mini-jet sprayer or using the 500ml spray bottle.
  2. For best results, make sure the area is cleaned before use.

AutoSmart AutoFresh Odour Fix details:

  • Size: 500ml
  • Neutralises malodours
  • Non-marking and non-staining
  • Leaves a pleasant fragrance
  • Contains Biocides to help kill the source of odours
  • Long-lasting effect
  • To use, simply spray onto the affected area.

For stubborn odours, we recommend our top selling Odour Eliminator. A Powerful Aerosol Odour neutraliser that eliminates the odour at the source. Containing Silver Biocide it is Australia’s number one choice in professional odour elimination for your car or home. It is also suitable to sanitise your air conditioning intake and vents.

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1 Litre, 500ml

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