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Car Wax Polish


The AutoSmart Carnauba Hard Wax Polish gives you the ultimate in shine and protection for your car or boat surfaces.

  • A concentrated blend of 4 premium grade waxes including Candelilla and Carnauba
  • The best and most protective finishes you can put on your vehicle
  • Hard wax that is chemically resistant
  • Protects surfaces from harsh UV light
  • Long lasting Deep shine
  • Contains no abrasives or water
  • Size: 170g


AutoSmart Hard Car Wax Polish is the ultimate in shine and protection. Made from a highly concentrated blend of 4 carefully selected premium grade waxes including Candelilla and Carnauba to offer your vehicle the best and most protective finish possible.

Creating an enviable jewel-like glassy finish free from greasy swirls or blemishes on any colour vehicle.

A highly durable Car wax polish that leaves a deep shine, lasting for months. You will quickly appreciate how well the Carnauba Wax polish protects your vehicle from harsh UV light while giving you exceptional beading properties.

Hard Wax is also chemically resistant and due to its hardness stands up to the friction of sailing through seawater or simply driving better than any other polish. AutoSmart Hard Wax Polish does not contain abrasives or water.

Fast and easy to apply and remove with no dusting. Will not mark plastic or rubber trims

How to use Carnauba Car Wax Polish

  • Apply in a thin layer with a damp applicator sponge working in well.
  • Leave for about 30 mins.
  • Remove any excess with a microfiber cloth.
  • If applying multiple layers, leave 24-48 hours between layers.

Detailers Tip:

This product is also unique in the fact that it will build up in layers. A gap of 24 to 48 hrs must be left between applications to ensure the first layer had fully hardened, but this can be repeated as many times as you like.

See also: Microfibre cloth

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