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Black Car Care Kit


Black cars require a bit of extra special treatment to maintain the glossy showroom shine. The AutoSmart Black Car Care Kit restores the depth and clarity to your black paint.

Kit includes:

  • Smart Wash (Wax free) Car shampoo – 1lt
  • Golden Touch Liquid Polish 500ml
  • Platinum Wax Polish 500ml
  • 2pc Polishing Pack


Looking for the perfect gift for the black car owner in your life? Look no further than the AutoSmart Black Car Care Kit! This hand-picked selection of car detailing products is tailored specifically for black or dark paint, and is guaranteed to leave the car looking its best.

The kit includes everything needed to wash, polish and protect the paint, all at an amazing value. So don’t wait, order today and make someone’s holiday season a little brighter.

Black Car Care Kit Inclusions:


Smart Wash Car Shampoo 1 litre

Smart Wash is the perfect car shampoo for those who want a gentle yet effective cleaning solution. This pH-neutral shampoo is safe for all car paint, wax free, and can be used with a snow cannon. Smart Wash lifts and cleans away dirt and grime, leaving your car looking clean and shiny.

In addition, Smart Wash is biodegradable, making it gentle on the environment. Smart Wash is the perfect choice for a safe and effective clean.

  • High foaming car wash
  • pH neutral formulation
  • Suitable for foam gun use

Platinum Wax Polish 500ml

Platinum is a powerful paint protection that leaves a thick, hard finish. It protects against UV rays, weathering, and smudges so your car always looks its best. Plus, it’s easy to apply, and the unbeatable gloss shine will keep heads turning for years to come.

  • Protects paintwork
  • The ultimate gloss for your black car
  • Suitable for metallic paint
  • Thick, long-lasting protective coating

Golden Touch Liquid Polish 500ml

Golden Touch is the perfect solution for keeping your car’s paintwork looking its best. Apply it where needed to remove water marks, fingerprints and blemishes. It leaves a deep shine on your paintwork. Golden Touch is also great for protecting your paintwork from future damage.

It forms a protective barrier that helps to repel dirt, dust and other harmful substances. So if you’re looking for the perfect way to keep your car’s paintwork looking showroom-fresh, Golden Touch is the ideal choice.

  • Enhances and maintains gloss
  • Long lasting protection
  • Deep shine

2pc Polishing Pack

Pack includes a premium microfibre towel, ideal for buffing, cleaning and drying. Also included is a microfibre polish applicator pad.


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