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Why does my car smell musty?

The smell of wet carpet or upholstery is one that will have you cursing as you start your car in the morning. You may find yourself rewinding the past few days to unlock clues as to where this nasty, musty smell is coming from – and what may have caused it. Sometimes, you come up with nothing, and therefore no way of finding it’s source in the desperate hope of remedying the bad odour. Below, we have described some reasons why you car may be smelly musty:

  • Someone has left the window down
  • You’ve left a beach or gym towel in the car
  • Drink bottle has leaked
  • A takeaway coffee has spilled in a hard-to reach place
  • Questionable dog hygiene
  • Questionable human hygiene
  • Kids – need I say more???

How to remove musty car odours

To save your nostrils from the arresting bad odour in the car you could try and leave every door and window open and let the car simply air itself. However, we find that rarely resolves the issue at hand.

The best solution to your bad-odour problem is to get to the source of the smell. Kill odours by killing the bacteria that causes them. Rather than use an air freshener that will mask the odour – we recommend neutralising the odour.

AutoSmart Odour Eliminator effectively attacks bad car odours. The formula contains silver biocide which sanitises car upholstery and air-conditioning units, providing an anti-microbial effect on moulds and yeasts. The aerosol application makes this the fastest, and most effective way to treating musty car smells.

The same treatment can be applied to caravans as well. If you are not using your caravan regularly and has been closed up for some time – spraying your caravan or camper trailer with AutoSmart Odour Eliminator will give you a fresh smelling van