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4 Steps to cleaning car cup holders

How to clean dirty cup holders in your car

For some reason, dust, grime and crumbs always gravitate and sit within the tight confines of your cup holders. Due to its awkward shape, it’s also not particularly easy to just vacuum the space. As such, we have provided some tips in cleaning this fiddly space in your car.

Vacuum crumbs first

It goes without saying, that you should give your car and its nooks and crannies a deep vacuum. Use a small brush attachment to suck up any loose debris and dust

4 Steps to detailing cup holders

One of the biggest reasons your cup holder is a trap for dirt, is it’s sticky surface. Nothing attracts dust like spilled coffee, drinks and even water. There a few ways to successfully clean away grime trapped in your car cup holders.

  1. Use a microfibre cloth and G101 multipurpose cleaner to lift and wipe away sticky residue.
  2. Aggravate dirt in the edges with a small paintbrush, cotton bud or detailer’s brush. Then, wipe the cup holder again
  3. Dry the surfaces with a clean microfibre cloth.
  4. Spray on a plastic protectant to moisturise and add shine