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How to clean painted wheels

Most new vehicles come supplied with painted alloy wheels. painted options may give the wheels a black, grey or silver appearance, that (when clean) look quite striking when parked or when idling.

Are painted wheels delicate?

To be clear, the below information is referring to factory-applied painted wheels.

You may be surprised to learn that the majority of painted surfaces are quite tough, with the final result being more durable than the original alloy. To achieve such a resilient surface the alloy wheels are primed, sprayed with paint. Finally, a clear coat or powder coat is applied and baked to cure for a hardened result. This finish can withstand more debris than that on your vehicle’s bodywork – yet, for this very same reason it is important to take care of the surface to ensure longevity of it’s sleek, good looks.

The best wheel cleaner for painted wheels

The first, and most important rule when cleaning your painted wheels is ensure the products you use are non-acidic. Incorrectly used heavy-duty degreasers and acidic washes can dull and corrode the painted finish. Another reason we recommend a neutral base wheel cleaner is because acidic or alkaline cleaners can further damage wheels with low-quality after market paint finishes, or where wheels have been damaged due to kerb collisions.

We recommend using either AutoSmart Red 7 or TW 39 Degreaser. Both these products will safely break down the grease and lift brake dust from your wheels. These products are non-acidic and also non-abrasive.

How to clean painted wheels safely
How to clean painted wheels safely

Do you need to seal your painted wheels after cleaning?

We would recommend that you apply a sealant to your painted wheels after you give them a thorough clean. The sealant will not only help protect the clear coat, it will also make cleaning very easy. We recommend using AutoSmart Golden Touch to seal and protect your wheels

How to clean your painted wheels

A few tips before your get started:
– Clean your wheels out of the sun to prevent the cleaner drying too fast
– Always make sure that the wheels, rims and tyres are cool before you start
– Dilute the product correctly where necessary
– Do not allow cleaner to dry on the surfaces
– Always rinse well with plenty of water

  1. Spray Red 7 Wheel Cleaner Liberally

    Making sure the Red7 cleaners gets into all the nooks and crannies of your painted wheels, spray the cleaner liberally so that it can get to work to break down all the grease and caked on break dust. Allow it to dwell slightly and you will notice how your wheels turn a purple/red colour as it reacts with the iron particles.

  2. Agitate

    If you cannot remember the last time you cleaned your wheels it’s likely they will need a little help to remove the stubborn brake dust. Brush the surfaces with a wheel brush. Be sure to also clean in and around bolts.

  3. Rinse

    Using a high pressure water hose, clean all the Red 7 off your painted wheels

  4. Seal and protect

    When the wheels are dry, spray on Golden Touch . Wipe over with a microfibre cloth.