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Using Acids when detailing your car

Chemicals with an acid based are popular in the car detailing industry as they are fast and affective on certain surfaces. Used with an abundance of caution, acid based cleaners will not only give you a no-nonsense clean but also refresh the surface for the ultimate shine

What to use Acids on. How do acids work?

Acidic based chemicals are highly prized in the car detailing industry as they are very efficient at cleaning wheels. Most detailers will use acidic based cleaners to remove mineral deposits, along with cleaning oxidisation from aluminium. Specifically, acid-based cleaners excel at:

  • Removing brake dust from wheels
  • Brightening aluminium
  • Cleaning rust deposits
  • Removing metal-based fallout
  • Remove scaling and de-fouling of accumulated organic material

What can acidic low pH cleaners damage?

The AutoSmart acid cleaners have an average pH of 1. These come highly concentrated and require absolute care when handling and cleaning using our acidic cleaners. Our cleaners require appropriate dilution and application, otherwise they will cause damage to the car surfaces.

Surfaces that can be damaged by acid cleaners:

  • Aluminium
  • Chrome
  • Anodised wheels
  • Plastics
  • Metals
  • Glass

For example. If an acidic cleaner such as AutoSmart Ali king is used on a car interior, the acid will turn the interior white – causing permanent irreversible damage. Hydrofluoric acid will also damage glass if accidentally sprayed onto windows. The acid will etch the glass as it silica bonding.

Why we don’t sell acids on our retail store

Having been the choice largest trade supplier of car care products for 4 decades, we have a clear understanding of the potential of acids on your car. Unfortunately. with potential also comes risk of damage to your own vehicle and also to yourself.

Luckily for you, we also have a range of car cleaners that with a neutral pH

Red 7 Wheel Cleaner

  • pH neutral formulation
  • Safe on paintwork
  • Safe on polished alloy, aluminium, anodised and painted finishes
  • Acid-free formulation
  • Turns red when it comes into contact with metal particles. This chemical reaction ensures a fast and easy clean of your wheels
  • Powerful cleaning action
  • Highly effective on industrial fallout and rust
AutoSmart Red 7 wheel cleaner

Truck Wash 39 – Heavy Duty Degreaser TW39 Express

  • Ultra fast degreasing agent
  • Low hazard formulation
  • Use also to remove soiling in ad around engine bays
  • Safe on vinyl and paint
  • Caustic-free cleaner
  • Tough on grease and stains
  • Leaves a vibrant shine thanks to a traffi-wax addition
  • Also good for cleaning trucks
autosmart tw39 truck wash heavy duty degreaser

Acid based wheel cleaner

If you are a professional detailer, you can buy the following Acid based products from your local AutoSmart Rep

Ali and Ali King

The AutoSmart Ali range is the ideal acid-based aluminium cleaner. The range includes Ali, Ali Extreme, Ali King, Ali Yellow

  • Highly concentrated acid-based cleaner
  • Cleans and brightens aluminium
  • Will give an as-new appearance to unlacquered wheels, aluminium steps and bulk tippers
  • Removes oxidisation
  • Alloy wheel renovator

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