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Family Road Trip Checklist – Free Download

The changes to our way of life due to the emergence of Covid-19 have seen a huge uptake in more local and internal travelling. As a matter of fact, road trips, caravanning and camping have seen a monumental uptake since we are restricted from overseas travel. It’s almost impossible to purchase new caravans without being on a lengthy waiting list. Not since the 1970s have Australians been so keen to get on the road and explore the great outdoors.

So if you’re just over lockdowns and facetime, a road trip is a great idea to visit family and friends. It is also a way to get the kids out and see the amazing places Australia has to offer. But before you turn the key, it is essential to put a little thought into what you may need to pack for your road trip.

People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan!

By printing off our helpful checklist below, you can ensure you have a headache-free journey..

Car Service

To ensure optimal driving pleasure, it is always advisable to have your car serviced and given the once-over before a long drive. You may want to also have your tyes checked and windscreen wipes replaced if necessary. Now would also be a good time to check your spare tyre and equipment for changing a tyre.

Additional items you may need depending on where you are driving include:

  • Fuel jerry can
  • Extra water
  • Air-pump
  • Bug windshield washer fluid

Car Registration and Roadside assistance

If you are driving a little out of the way, it may be a good idea to increase your roadside assistance to ensure you are covered for extra towing. NRMA, RACV and RACQ (and its equivalents in other states) will help you in case you overheat, your battery dies or you need towing to the nearest mechanic.

As a side, when are your car registration and insurance paperwork due?

Phone and device chargers

Personally, I always seem to need more chargers when we go away because I never pack enough for the family. Be sure to pack a charger for all the devices, including your phone, laptop, iPad, watch and headphones.

Water and drinks

If you’ve recently had to buy bottled water for the whole family at a servo then you will understand why everyone should pack their own drink bottle. You may even choose to pack some soft drinks and a thermos. If you are taking the dog with you – they will also appreciate a bottle just for them.

A cooler or car fridge

A cooler with ice bricks will keep your cut sandwiches and drinks at a refreshing temperature for a few hours. For longer trips, or if you are planning on heading inland, you may want to take a car fridge for the ride. This will ensure your car snacks, meals and drinks are kept cold for days, what’s more – when you stop you finally get to your destination you can have a nice cold beverage and finally relax.

Medication and First Aid Kit

With a couple of asthmatics in the family, we are always vigilant about ensuring our medications are packed for any road trip or holiday. We also include panadol and antihistamine which come in handy for any allergic reactions.

Have a quick peek into your first aid kit to ensure your supplies of band-aids haven’t been whittled away, along with expiration dates of antibacterial creams and bite creams.


Did you know that sunglasses at service stations are a top seller? Unfortunately often it’s not until we hit a ridge where the sun is glaring in our eyes that the sunglasses are sitting on the kitchen counter. While on the subject of glasses, here is your reminder to pack your prescription glasses as well.


Keep a bag or box of toiletries in your car for necessary toilet breaks. Include toilet paper, wipes to give yourself a mini shower and freshen up, sanitary items, deodorant and a toothbrush.

Sanitiser and Face masks

By now, sanitiser and face masks are probably a staple in your car. If however, you are not living in the city you may not be accustomed to requiring face masks in shopping centres and other indoor spaces. Check the state’s Covid 19 guidelines for current restrictions and recommendations.


If you are headed inland, often our smartphone GPS will lose signal as soon as you leave town. A GPS will ensure you stay on the right road and let you know of your exact location – regardless of your mobile connection.


Is there anything better than a road trip playlist, filled with chart-topping tunes and karaoke hits? Download your music playlist onto your smartphone in case you travel out of 4G or radio range to give you hours of music regardless of where you are.

The rest of the family might also appreciate some downloaded movies. Tv shows or podcasts for when they are sick of looking at the scenery (or when they start arguing with each other). Streaming platforms such as Netflix, Binge and Stan now allow you to download their library to your device so you can enjoy them when away from wifi.

Print out your hotel bookings

Printing out or taking a photo of your hotel bookings will ensure you have all this information, regardless of your internet connection. This is also handy to confirm payments that have already been made and to double-check any amounts outstanding.


Snacks are a must for any road trip. Tempting as it is to pack a full spectrum of crisps and lollies, it will also be beneficial to pack a few healthy options for the road.

Other things you might need:

  • Travel pillow
  • Rubbish bags
  • Sunscreen
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Phone
Roadtrip packing checklist. The essential list of everything you need for a big car trip