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Leather Rejuvenate


Restore and protect car leather with AutoSmart Leather Rejuvenate. Conditions and protects new leather and restores worn leather to a luxurious lustre

  • Protects new leather
  • Rejuvenate old leather
  • No sticky residue or artificial gloss
  • Silicone-free formulation
  • Size: 500ml


When you slide into your car, the first thing you touch is your leather seat. But over time, leather can lose its lustre and become dull and dry. Specialist Leather Rejuvenate Conditioner from Autosmart is here to restore your leather car seats to their original glory.

This rich cream formulation contains a unique blend of premium conditioners and oils that penetrates, revitalizes, and protects. It’s the best leather conditioner on the market, and it will keep your leather looking and feeling luxurious for years to come. So don’t neglect your leather—give it the nourishment it needs with Autosmart’s Specialist Leather Rejuvenate Conditioner.

It truly is the Best Leather Conditioner on the market.

Leather Conditioner that gives lasting protection

The harsh Australian sun. The leaching of natural oils out of the leather can cause it to become dry and brittle, which is why you need Leather Rejuvenate. This leather conditioning supplement will replenish the oil in your seats and protect them from the sun.

Autosmart’s Leather rejuvenate is Internationally endorsed by the Connelly Brothers, who are the world’s largest supplier of leather to the European car market. So when they say it’s the best leather conditioner, you know it really is the best. Give your leather seats the protection they deserve with Leather Rejuvenate.

Our Leather Conditioner will add years to the life of your leather by regenerating ageing, dry leather and also by providing a protective layer effective on your leather seats.

How to use Leather Rejuvenate

  1. Vacuum any crumbs, sand, or debris in and around your seats
  2. Use a specialised leather cleaner to prepare the leather for treatment. Your best choice is AutoSmart Leather Cleaner
  3. After cleaning, use a soft cloth to rub the Leather Rejuvenate onto the surface, applying an even coat.
  4. This product absorbs deeply into the leather over several hours feeding and revitalising the leather
  5. Buff the seats over with a white cloth to remove any excess.
  6. If the seats were extremely dry several applications of Leather Rejuvenate may be needed.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Is this leather condition suitable for leather lounges?

A. Absolutely. Leather Rejuvenate will condition and replenish oils that have been lost by the sun or air-conditioning

Q. What Colour Leather is this conditioner suitable for?

A.  AutoSmart Leather Rejuvenate is safe for use on all leather colours

Q. Is Leather Rejuvenate only for older leather?

A. While our leather cleaner does offer conditioning properties, it is also worthwhile adding Leather Rejuvenate seasonally to your new car leather to prevent the leather from drying out. This will keep the leather supple, and always looking its best.

We recommend cleaning your leather first with the AutoSmart Leather Cleaner, then finishing with Leather Rejuvenate or our new Leather Honey Leather Conditioner for additional conditioning

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