Jumbo Car Sponge – Set of 3


  • Easy-grip, dogbone shape.
  • Ideal for Cars/Boats etc.
  • High Foaming/Sudsing

Looking for an easy-to-use, high-quality car sponge? Look no further than the Autosmart Jumbo Sponge! This sponge features an ergonomic dog bone shape for an easy, comfortable grip, and is made from a high-quality foam that provides excellent foaming and absorption. This sponge is perfect for cleaning your car’s exterior and will help keep your car looking its best. Add the Autosmart Jumbo Sponge to your car care kit today and enjoy clean, shining results!

As for value for money, this set of 3 Quality Sponges allows you to have one for the car, one for the caravan and one for the boat.


  • 3 x Jumbo Car Sponge

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Chamois and Sponges

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