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Golden Touch Liquid Polish


AutoSmart Liquid Gold is a game-changing car polish. Simply spray on and buff in for an unbelievable shine

  • One step polish
  • Advanced Ionic Nanotechnology
  • Protects paintwork
  • Gleaming shine for all paint finishes
  • Solvent-free
  • Size: 500ml


Golden Touch Liquid Polish is a cutting-edge new product that offers a revolutionary way to protect your vehicle’s surfaces. Using advanced Ionic Nanotechnology, Golden Touch provides a fast and easy way to apply a protective layer to your car, truck, or SUV.

Simply spray it on and buff it with a microfibre cloth. Instant results with long-lasting protection against the elements.

Whether you’re looking to keep your paint job looking new or preserve the resale value of your vehicle, Golden Touch is the perfect solution. With its easy application and superior protection, Golden Touch is the new standard in vehicle surface protection.

This unique, durable polish quickly removes fingerprints, watermarks, and blemishes, leaving your car looking its best. The convenient spray bottle means you use very little product to achieve maximum results.

One Step Spray-on Car Polish

For the fastest protective shine, choose the sprayable AutoSmart Golden Touch Car Polish.

Never before has it been so easy (or fast) to achieve a professional-looking car polish. The fast detailer application delivers an unbelievable shine – watch the dust and water simply shed off your paintwork. If you’re already a loyal Autosmart customer, you know how superior this product is.

If you’ve never purchased Golden Touch before, we know that your purchase will keep you coming back. A top-rated product in the professional car detailing industry, that turns heads every time. You will not be disappointed.

Advanced Polymer Car Polish

Golden Touch liquid polish will give your car’s paint an unmatched, long-lasting, high gloss shine.

Our exclusive formula features the latest in advanced polymer nanotechnology, which creates a better bond to your car surface. This means that your paint will stay looking shiny and new for longer.

Paint Preparation:

How to use AutoSmart Golden Touch

  • Use neat
  • Apply as a fine mist with the spray bottle and buff using a soft lint-free cloth
  • Use in conjunction with an AutoSmart Premium Microfibre Cloth for optimal results
  • For best results apply the product to the cloth rather than the vehicle when treating small areas
  • On wet vehicles apply sparingly using a sprayer to all exterior surfaces excluding the windscreen.

Q. Can I use this product on my caravan?

A. Absolutely, Golden Touch is the ideal quick wax solution for your caravan. Allowing you to add a fast protective coating on your paintwork.

Q. Is this suitable for metallic paint?

A. Yes, this protectant polish is suitable for all paint types including metallic paint

Q. Can I get overspray on rubber surfaces?

A. Golden Touch will enhance your rubber surfaces. It is also suitable for use on plastics



Additional information

Product Type

Polish and Wax


1 Bottle, 2 Bottles + 2 Microfibres, 3 Bottles + 3 Microfibres, 4 Bottles + 4 Microfibres


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