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Interior Car Detailing Kit 10pc


  • Armourglow Interior Shine 500ml
  • Brisk Upholstery Shampoo 500ml
  • AutoFresh Car Air Freshener 500ml
  • Silicone Spray 400ml
  • Smart Glass Windshield and Glass Cleaner 500ml
  • Luxury polishing towel
  • 2 x Microfibre cloth
  • Fishscale glass cleaning cloth
  • Detailing tote bag


Keep your car’s interior looking like new with this Autosmart Interior Car Detailing Kit 10pc.

The 10-piece set contains everything you need to clean, protect and maintain all of the surfaces in any vehicle from headliners down! And as for value, it simply can’t be beaten.

What’s included in the Interior Car Detailing Kit?

Overview of contents:

  • Armourglow Interior Dressing for hard surfaces 500ml
  • Smart Glass professional glass & mirror cleaner 500ml
  • Autofresh – Original detailing fragrance 500ml
  • Brisk Upholstery shampoo for all fabrics and carpets 500ml
  • Silicone Spray for plastic and vinyl protection 500ml
  • Detailers microfibre cloth x 1
  • Fishscale cloth x 1
  • Premium Towel 45cm x 38cm 840gsm
  • Microfibre Polishing Pad 14cm
  • Professional detailing bag with Autosmart logo

The ultimate interior protection for your car:


  • Hard surface protection – The best way to protect and add shine to all hard surfaces is with our Armourglow dressing, a water-based UV protective silicone dressing that leaves everything revitalized. A car’s interior needs protection from sun damage so it can stay new looking for years! Our unrivalled Armourglow dressing protects rubber, plastics, metal, leather and veneer.
  • Windscreens, windows and mirrors – Simple and fast, AutoSmart Smart Glass is a high-quality sprayable glass cleaner which provides you with the fastest way to clean your windscreen or mirrors. This advanced formulation leaves clarity and streak-free results! It does not contain any ammonia so there’s no risk of damage on those expensive tinting jobs
  • Deodorise -The original scent of Autofresh makes it a popular choice for detailers who want to deodorise and freshen up the car interior. It has no adverse effects on your vehicle’s interior fabrics, so you can be sure that there will not be any stains or marks left behind!
  • Clean fabrics, carpets and seat upholstery – gentle shampoo designed for use on vehicle fabrics, upholstery seats and carpets. It is low foaming making it suitable for extraction machines or hand use. Its soft and gentle formulation ensures it does not remove any colours like other harsh detergents. Brisk contains optical brighteners to enhance colour, fabric conditioners and a biocide to slow bacterial growth.
  • Protect Interior Vinyls and plastics – Autosmart Detailing Silicone Spray offers a medium to high gloss, durable and water-resistant silicone spray that is perfect for all interior vinyl or plastic trims. The pleasant fragrance will keep your car looking new!


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