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Bug Splatter Scrubber Sponge


A 2-in-1 sponge that will help you remove tough bug splatter from your vehicle paintwork and glass

  • Sponge and scourer
  • Easy grip
  • Incorporated Bug sponge for easy removal of bugs and other debris


Introducing the Autosmart Bug Splatter Scrubber Sponge, your answer to easily removing baked-on surface contaminants. This dual-action sponge has a soft side for general cleaning and a scouring pad on the other side for those tougher messes. Simply flip the sponge over to use the appropriate side for your needs.

The heavy-duty construction ensures long-lasting value, making this sponge a reliable option you can count on time and time again. Don’t let baked-on bugs get the best of you, reach for an Autosmart Bug Scrubber Sponge instead!

Features of the Bug Splatter Scrubber Sponge:

  • 2-in-1 sponge
  • Easy grip sponge for general washing
  • Incorporated Bug scrubber for easy removal of bugs and other debris
  • Ideal for Cars/Boats etc.

Have you heard of Autosmart Hazsafe Bug Remover? Used by the trucking industry Australia-wide, it is the number one product to effectively protect your paint and remove pug splatter. AutoSmart Hazsafe Bug Remover is the perfect solution for removing pesky bugs from your car’s surface.

This high pH, non-caustic cleaner quickly and easily dissolves bugs, softening them for easy removal. Plus, the alkaline properties of our Bug Remover & Tyre Cleaner help to neutralize the acid that can etch into your car’s paint, protecting it from damage. So keep your car, truck or caravan looking clean and new with AutoSmart Hazsafe Bug Remover.

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Bug Cleaner, Chamois and Sponges


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