The AutoSmart range of sanitiser cleaners allow you to create a clean environment at work or at home. These cleaning agents are formulated to provide a rapid kill of germs and pathogens.

Kill Germs Fast

All of our sanitiser cleaners have one aim. That is to rapidly eliminate germs that may cause us harm. Two lines of defence include: Proper hand hygiene with the use of Hand sanitisers and also Hand Soap in conjunction with the use of Sanitiser Cleaners for surfaces.

Clean Workplaces

Now, more than ever it is imperitive to have clean and sanitised work places to protect your staff. Our sanitisers allow you to keep your business operating. The spray functionality allows you to spray down countertops, handles, taps and tables.

Suitable for the following work spaces:

  • Cafes
  • Waiting rooms
  • GPs and Chemists
  • Schools and Child care centres
  • Bathrooms
  • Taxis and busses

Keep your cafe sanitised

The Biocidal Sanitiser Cleaner was expressly designed for the food industry. This cleaner is safe to use in and around food processing equipment, to clean cafe benchtops, clean down food trays and wash out meat trucks.

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