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Polishing Car Windscreen and Glass

If you are searching for the elusive crystal-clear windshield and are having difficulty achieving it, you need to give your car glass a polish.

Why Polish your Car Glass

  • Stop your car windows from fogging in wet weather. Silicone overspray and other sprays are invisible on glass, however when the weather turns these deposits cause the glass to fog up, posing a hazard while driving. Polishing your glass is one of the only ways to safely remove silicone spray
  • Polishing glass will lift the difficult to remove bug-squash stuck on windshield
  • Removes traffic film and other stubborn stains such as tar
  • Gives you a crystal-clear glass that looks invisibly clear

Fogging windows are a hazard when driving

Avoid fogging in wet weather by removing silicone deposits and overspray. Polishing your car windows with AutoSmart Glass Glow will give you the best clean on your windscreen for a safe drive – regardless of the weather

How to polish your windshield

Polishing sounds like an ardous and thankless task. However AutoSmart Glass Glow is actually easy to use and it’s results last longer than a regular clean. A glass polish does not need to be done during every car clean

  1. Clean Car

    I always find it best to give your car a quick shampoo before cleaning car windows, or giving them a polish

  2. Place enough Glass Glow to cover a 20 cent coin on a clean microfibre cloth

    Rub the product all over the glass window, stopping when the cloth moves without drag

  3. Remove product

    Buff you car window using a clean microfibre cloth to remove the product