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How to remove scratches from car door handles

Scratches around your car door handles and under the handle are just plain ugly, taking away from the overall appearance of your vehicle. Regardless of how much you clean, the marks will not budge.

Infact, this cluster of scratches appears so ingrained into the paintwork making you think that you will be forever stuck with these unsightly grey marks.

What causes the scratches and marks on door handles?

Your car handles are probably one of the most frequently touched parts of your car’s exterior. Little by little, tiny scratches are added to the paintwork until one day you notice a cluster of grey markings scratches.

These have been the cause of rings on fingers, keys in the hand, zippers, and fingernails. Before you know it, those tiny scratches have grown into clusters.

Before and after. How to remove scratches from your car door handle

How to remove scratches from car door handles

Luckily, these scratches can be lifted to give the appearance of brand-new handles. Using just AutoSmart Mirror Image, a microfibre cloth and less than a minute of time you can restore your doors back to their original good looks

Total Time Needed :



Things Needed?

– AutoSmart Mirror Image
– 2 x Microfibre cloths

Steps to removing scratches

Step 1

Clean your car to remove any dirt and debris on the paintwork.

Step 2

Once you have cleaned your car, squirt a small amount of Mirror image onto a clean microfibre cloth. In a circle motion polish the area surrounding the handle. Wipe and check progress. You should quickly notice the fine cutters in the compound working their magic on your paintwork

Step 3

Then, using your fingers, work the cloth under the handle. As this is a difficult area to access, try and rub the wax/polish into the area as best as you can.

Step 4

Wipe and buff the area you have polished with a dry, lint-free cloth.