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How to clean your wheels and tyres

Are your wheels and tyres looking like they need some love? We will show you how to restore your dull-looking wheels and add a lasting shine to your tyres.

Brake dust and grease will stick firmly to your vehicle’s wheels and unless you use the right product, it will be especially difficult to remove. AutoSmart Wheel and rim cleaning products are not corrosive to the alloys and will still give you a fast and thorough clean

How to clean your wheels and tyres

What you need to clean tyres and wheels

Cleaning your tyres and rims will take a few steps and a few products.

Getting started

Before you start cleaning your tyres and rims it is important to give them a good hose to remove any dirt and debris. Line up your products and tools to get the job done quickly.

How to clean your Wheels and Tyres

The below tyre and wheel cleaning method is the process a quality car detailer would use for a high-performance shine.

  1. Spray tyres with Hazsafe tyre cleaner

    Clean the tyre using a brush

  2. Spray Red 7 onto wheels and rims

    You will notice that this decontaminate cleaner turns red when it comes into contact with brake dust and iron particles. Allow the product to dwell then clean using a brush if required. Hose off

  3. Dry wheel and tyre

    Give your wheel and tyre a quick dry with a microfibre cloth

  4. Spray on Aqua Seal Pro on wheels and rims

    This product will leave a protective coating on your wheels and rims. Wipe over

  5. Add Pure Shine

    Using a sponge applicator, apply the gel tyre shine.

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