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How to care for your ceramic coating

A ceramic coating on your car paintwork gives you a long-lasting shine, without requiring additional waxing. The coating acts similarly to a wax sealant, however, it’s protective layer will last longer. Ceramic coatings bond with your vehicle’s paintwork to give a smooth, water-repellant finish.

While a ceramic coating will save you time applying a wax sealant, you still need to take care of the coating to ensure long-lasting wear.

Yes you still need to clean your car

A common myth about ceramic coatings is that you won’t have to clean your car. This is wrong. You still need to clean your car and wash off dirt and debris. It is important to remember that a hand-wash is the best option for ceramic coatings. You should also use a pH-neutral car cleaner that does not contain a wax agent. We recommend AutoSmart Hybrid Shampoo – Ceramic Safe Wash

A ceramic coating will not peel off but…

Without a doubt, you will get a long life from your ceramic coating, giving you the glossy coating of a car straight off the manufacturing line for longer than you would expect from a wax sealant. A ceramic coating is not permanent, and will in time wear away. However, unlike paint or clear coating – a ceramic car coating will not peel away from your paintwork. Instead, it will simply wear off and disappear. You may notice the wear when the car is washed, or when it is raining as the water does not bead off the paintwork. Alternatively, you may notice that it just does not have the same depth of gloss.

Rather than add a coat of wax to the paintwork, you can touch up the ceramic coating with AutoSmart Golden Touch. This liquid polish will help to even out and recharge the glossy surface, and also provide a magnificent beading effect.

What to avoid when you have a ceramic coating

  • Avoid scrubbing or harsh car washes. Clean your car by hand. The coating will make cleaning very quick and easy – all that is required is a pH neutral car shampoo
  • No abrasives. Avoid using any abrasive cleaners
  • Stay away from alkaline or acidic products
  • No need to apply wax to the paintwork