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How to Care for a Black Car

Taking care of a black car is just the same as any other ordinary vehicle; however, you can damage the exterior aesthetics with improper care. Because of your car’s dark colour, these damages are easily spotted. If there is a paint imperfection, it will be glaringly obvious. Small amounts of dirt quickly make the car appear unkempt, while tiny scratches can negatively stand out.

However, a properly cleaned black car can well supersede the natural glow of different painted vehicles. As an advantage, black can gloss exceedingly well and attract many viewers and buyers alike. In today’s article, we discuss how to properly care for your car and give it an intensive shine that can effectively mirror its surrounding.

How to care for a black car to maintain it's shine

Maintain a Showroom Shine

A useful tactic to keeping your black vehicle gleaning all day is to learn how to maintain a showroom glow. In essence, adhere to the following tips to help you effectively clean your car.

  • Use a Two-Bucket System – Assign one for soap and the other for rinsing. This will help organize the cleaning process into two parts.
  • Utilize pH neutral Car Shampoo – This specialized type of shampoo produces enough foam and lifts debris.
  • Use a Soft Microfibre Cloth – A soft cloth is essential to prevent scratching your car. More so, a soft cloth can distribute foam evenly.
  • Wax & Polish- A quality wax and polish such as AutoSmart Mirror Image, will buff away the thin swirl marks and leave a thick wax coating.
  • Detailers Wax Spray- Touch up blemishes and remove fingerprints with Golden Touch liquid polish.

Prevent Swirl Marks

Swirl marks are the fine lines that occur when cleaning with a dirty sponge. Dirt on your car is the cause of most of your problematic surfaces scratches and swirls. Besides, using the wrong products like soaps can contribute more to the formation of swirls. To prevent swirling, aim to clean your car regularly to prevent damage to your paintwork. Also, clean your sponge frequently and gently use thorough strokes to avoid causing swirls to your car’s paintwork.

If Your Surface is Looking Dull or Has Scratches

If you notice scratches, faded blemishes, or dark appearances, we recommend a cut and polish to buff out swirl marks and oxidation. The process is easy, and it doesn’t take up much time.

Start by applying the polish and buff out the areas with scratches to help alleviate any marks and blemishes. View our Cutting Compound Guide to choose the best product for your scratches. Complete with a protectant wax. This will add a deep shine to your black paintwork – giving you that enviable black showroom shine.

The AutoSmart Wax systems not only give you a deep, long-lasting shine, they also protect your paint’s clear coat for an enduring gloss between washes

In Summary

Learning to care for your car adequately doesn’t need to be a challenging nor a strenuous process. Unlike other vehicles, a dark painted car is more susceptible to showing scratches, dirt, and dull appearances. On the contrary, maintaining a clean black car can improve the amount of glow drastically compared to other color variants such as white and silver.