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Clean Gift Ideas for Car Enthusiasts

Christmas is not very far away (again!) and it’s a time of year when many of us might be scratching our heads regarding gifts for all the people in our lives. If you have a car enthusiast who loves to keep their pride and joy in top condition in your family or circle of friends, or on your workplace Kris Kringle list, there are many options to choose from. At Autosmart Retail, we have loads of quality gift ideas that are ideal for a little car pampering, and are affordable too!

Cleaning products

There are a number of options here – from glass cleaners, wash & wax products and leather cleaners to upholstery shampoo.

  • Glass Glow – a deep cleaning glass polish which cuts through film such as silicone deposits (from dashboards), fingerprints, and squashed bugs. A small dollop on a cloth is all that’s required, followed by a quick buff with a microfibre cloth. Price: $18.
  • Leather Cleaner – cleans, conditions and restores car leather while preventing hardening. It also doesn’t remove the leather’s natural oils as detergent can do. Price: $10.50.
  • Wash & Wax – a gentle, non-caustic, high-wax washing product with deep cleaning properties, which leaves a high-gloss water-repellent finish. Price: $10.50.
  • Brisk shampoo – gentle shampoo for vehicle upholstery and carpets containing colour brighteners and biocides to slow bacterial growth. Price: $10.50.

Cutting compounds

No matter how well cars are looked after, the roads are harsh places and scratches can still appear on the paintwork. Even cleaning can cause light scratches to occur (which is why we prefer gentle products in our car detailing range). These products can help.

  • Sophisticut – removes deep scratches and defects and leaves a high gloss finish. Price: $18.
  • Swirlsaway – useful for lighter scratches, and as the name indicates especially good for those ‘swirls’ that are sometimes caused by washing. Price: $18.


Sometimes a really strong cleaner is required – although it needs to be one that is not going to cause any damage. Autosmart Retail’s Heavy Duty Degreaser delivers a deep clean but it is also caustic-free and safe to use. Price: $10.50.


Because after all, cars need to be dressed to look good too!

  • Pure Shine – high gloss tyre dressing that leaves a weatherproof and durable finish. Price: $16.
  • Interior Dressing – water-based silicone dressing useful for dressing hard surfaces, leaving a natural, soft lustre. It also acts as an air freshener. Price: $16.


A quality polish can give a car that high-gloss brand new look and we have several of them. Examples include:

  • Cherry Glaze – an easy-to-use, super-quick, spray-on and wipe-off car polish that leaves a weatherproof high-gloss coating and also dries fast. With this product your car enthusiast can shine their vehicle in less than five minutes. Price: $21.
  • Mirror Image – the name says it all! This product combines fine cutting compounds to remove marks, solvent cleaners to get rid of grime, and leaves a protective high-gloss coating. Useful for restoring paintwork which is up to three years old. Price: $21.

Car air freshener

As we know, most cars can become a tad odiferous at times! Our ‘Autofresh’ can be used to mask bad odours and freshen up motor vehicles with a pleasant berry fragrance. Price: $10.50.

Car detailing kits / value packs

If you would prefer to give your gift recipient a whole kit for cleaning and detailing their car you should consider our value packs. You can also mix and match products to make up your own custom car detailing kits if you want.

  • New Car Pack – contains five products for cleaning, dressing and polishing new cars and includes free sponge, cloth, chamois, and polish applicator. Also comes with free shipping. Price: $55. Value: up to $149.
  • Used Car Pack – five products for used cars including Wash & Wax, Interior Dressing and Mirror Image, and comes with the same free items (and shipping) as the New Car Pack. Price: $55. Value: up to $150.50.
  • Custom Pack – make up your own! The price includes one choice of premium product and four of regular product, as well as free cloths and applicators. Price: $55. Value: up to $169.50.
  • Bulk Pack – this is for the person who likes ‘one with the lot please’. It includes a choice of four x 4lt products and two smaller products, the same free cloths and applicators as the other value pack, plus a tyre shine pad and four spray atomisers. Price: $149.

So – no more need for socks and undies for Christmas, or those after-shave gift packs! If you want to give the car lover in your life something they will genuinely like for Christmas this year, you really can’t go wrong with Autosmart Retail’s car detailing products.

We also have products for boats and caravans as well as cars. Contact us for more information, or check out the full range.