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8 Car Care Products you Need

The love affair with cars in Australia is undeniable. We spend more time driving to work than any other mode of transport, so it’s not surprising that many Aussies consider their vehicle a part-time job! But with all the car cleaning products on the market, =the question is, what are the Car Care Products you Need?

We take pride in keeping our cars looking as good on the outside as they do underhood. Quality car care products can protect your vehicle, help maintain its resale value and prevent more nicks or scratches from showing up for sale later down the road!

But with so many car care products on the market, how do you know which to choose? At Autosmart Retail, we are the leading trade supplier of auto cleaning and detailing products, so we’re well placed to give you a few tips.

If you love your car, then these eight products are a must-have.

A quality car wash and wax

Hand-washing your car is the best way to keep it looking and acting its very best in this harsh Australian environment. Caked-on dirt, mud or even bugs can be removed with a thorough wash using an excellent product like Autosmart Wash & Wax. Not only is it a powerful PH-neutral washing liquid but it is formulated not to affect your existing paint polish.

With the added benefit of waxing agents, your car will be left with a superior shine. Another great benefit of giving your car a hand wash is it gets you off the couch on the weekend.

Air freshener

Pets, food and coffee can leave an unsavoury smell in your car, so it’s important to invest in a long-lasting air freshener that can alleviate odours and keep that new-car smell fresh. Not allowing the kids in the car is probably a bit extreme. So finding a solution to the odours is the next best step. In the case, there is no organic reason behind the odours in the car, the use of Autosmart Air Freshener. If the odours are the result of organic matter such as vomit or the kids leaving behind a stale sandwich under the seat, use Autosmart Odour Eliminator. Odour eliminator with Silver bromide targets and kills the cause of organic released odours in the car.

A good quality chamois

If you’ve just spent all that time washing your car, only to drive away with unsightly streaks streaming down the panels and windows. A decent chamois is essential for keeping it shiny after buffing – but make sure not to use anything too thin or cheap since they can break apart during cleaning leaving behind particles of fabric on paintwork! The thousands of detailers who only buy Autosmart branded products for their business all rave about our professional detailing chamois.

Window and windscreen cleaner

Of course, our list of Car Care Products you Need would not be complete without looking at ways to keep your windscreens, windows and mirrors clean and clear.

Why does glass cleaner work better than any other product for windows and windscreens? Because it is made expressly for the properties of glass surfaces. What many people don’t know is while glass cleaners break up dirt, and remove fingerprints or marks on the surface, many can damage windows that are tinted.

Many glass cleaners contain ammonia. And ammonia can actually over time dissolve the adhesive of window tint. This can lead to the tint separating from the glass in hot/warm weather. This leads to unsightly bubbles that can’t be corrected without -removing the tint and replacing it.

Autosmart’s Glass Cleaner contains no ammonia yet still offers professional-grade cleaning properties. If you haven’t found a glass cleaner that you’re happy with, you simply must try it. Remove grime, fingerprints, marks and be left with a crystal clear view ahead for your drive. A detailing glass cloth will also be a great investment to achieve the best results.


It’s easy to forget about the one thing that actually makes your car start every day – the engine. Dirt and grime can build up and clog the engine, but a degreaser will agitate the dirt and then wipe away easily enough, keeping the engine running at optimal efficiency.

Degreaser can also be used on a variety of other auto surfaces, including tyres, rims as well as paint. And of course we have your back. Autosmart Degreaser is the number one choice for the trucking and auto detailing industry in Australia.

Tyre shine

Much like the windows, it’s best not to use a generic, all-in-one product for the tyres. And while there are many dressings on the market, a number contain chemicals which dry out the rubber on your tyre. Ours protects your rubber. Autosmart Pure Shine is also a weather-resistant tyre dressing, so you get great value for money knowing it won’t just splash off the first time it gets wet. In fact, its formula provides a tough and weatherproof finish to any tyre.

Professional detailers recommend Autosmart Red 7 to remove even the most stubborn grime on car rims.

Interior cleaners

If you want to maintain the value of your car, you must respect the outside as well as the interior.

And with asthma becoming more common in young children, regular interior cleaning will also help eliminate harmful, asthma-inducing dust particles and allergens.

A high-quality upholstery cleaner will keep the seats looking and smelling fresh as well as help remove any stains caused by food or drink. Upholstery in your car can last for years and look amazing with a little bit of TLC. And of course, Autosmart being the number one choice for professional car detailers has the best on the market. If you use our product, Brisk Upholstery shampoo, it will not only help remove stains and marks but leave your upholstery looking inviting to sit on.

If your seats are leather, choose a leather cleaner or supplement to clean and protect without leaving the surface dry or with an unwanted residue. It is also important to remember, that many cheaper brands have chemicals that will leave a shiny surface on the leather but dry out the leather over time and cause cracking. We have a number of leather cleaners and conditioners which revitalise the leather by restoring the natural oils.

· NEW for 2022 – Leather Honey

· Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

· Leather Rejuvenator

A finishing compound

Scratches happen, no matter how hard we try to avoid them. Supermarket trolleys, car doors, keys – all are capable of putting a scratch in your paintwork. If your car is new or relatively new, a finishing compound such as Autosmart’s Mirror Image can help remove scratches from the paintwork and keep your car looking like you just drove out of the showroom.

If your car is not so new, choose a more robust product, such as our Sophisticut Cutting Compound, which can be used on new and old paintwork. Both are suitable for hand and machine use. If you are unsure about which car care products are best suited for your vehicle, speak to the team at Autosmart Retail. We can help take the hard work out of choosing quality goods, and let you get on with giving your car the love it deserves.

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Car Care Products you Need Summary:

If you use what the professionals use in many cases you will use less product to achieve better results, and by the use of less product you get maximum value for money.

Additionally, you will find the use of professional car cleaning and detailing products are easier to work with meaning less elbow grease.

Love your car, look the look, enjoy the comments when you post a picture on Instagram of your car’s shine. Love Autosmart Car Care.