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What is a waterless car wash?

How to use a waterless car wash. does it cause scartches?

How does a waterless car wash work?

A waterless car wash is also known as a quick detailer. It is a spray on car cleaner and polish that requires no water to rinse and clean your vehicle. A waterless wash is the fastest way to clean, dress and protect your vehicles paintwork.

Waterless washes contain a high level of lubricant that work to soften debris and lift it away from the surface in a single wipe.

As washing your home can use upward of 100 litres of water, it is not difficult to see the need for the use of a waterless wash. This style of car clean is often seen as a more environmentally friendly option, saving on precious water.

A waterless wash is also popular for showroom cars, where it is too difficult to drive the vehicle outside for a full sudsy clean. Instead, they benefit from the use of an all-over clean indoors in a matter of minutes.

Benefits of a waterless car wash

  • An all in one cleaner, wax and protector is fast to use
  • No water necessary
  • You can clean your vehicle indoors
  • No car shampoo run-off
  • Super fast way to clean your car
  • Ideal for showroom cars and new vehicles

When you should not use a Waterless Car Wash

We only recommend that you use a waterless wash on a car that has minimal debris. If it has been a while since you have cleaned your car, or it is covered in mud, fallout or other contaminants then you need to give it a clean outside with water, suds and other specialised cleaning products. Also,

In saying that, below is a list of reasons where you should not use a waterless car wash

  • Heavily soiling
  • Its been a long time between cleans
  • Should not be used on wheels
  • When you do not have a stack of microfibre cloths to alternate with

If you car is particulrly dirty, a waterless car wash will still work in door jams where they need a good clean but you cannot use a hose on

How to use a waterless car wash

Time needed: 1 minute

We recommend using AutoSmart Tango for your waterless car wash plus a stack of microfibre cloths. The cloths will help trap the dirt into its fibres, drawing it away from your paintwork. Using more cloths will reduce the risk of scratching your vehicle.

  1. Spray Tango Waterless wash liberally onto your paintwork.

    Working on one area at a time, coat the section with your quick detailer

  2. Wipe with a microfibre cloth

    Fold your microfibre into quarters and wipe in one direction. from top to bottom always making sure the surface is wet before wiping over it. Avoiding circular motions.

  3. Change towels

    Fold over to a clean quarter of the towel as soon as it starts to get dirty.

Does waterless car cleaner cause scratches?

This is one of the reasons that we at AutoSmart retail do not overly promote the use of a waterless wash. Yes, the result are fast and brilliant – however unless you are trained, there is a high risk that you may cause tiny tiny scratches on your car paintwork. The problem with a waterless car cleaner is that if you are using it on a dirty car there will be a risk that you will scratch the paintwork as you glide your microfibre cloth over the surface.

Top Waterless Washing Tips:

  • Always make sure the car paint surface is wet with waterless cleaner before wiping
  • Have numerous clean microfibre cloths handy when cleaning to ensure you are not wiping with a dirty cloth
  • Do not use on cars that are particularly dirty or if it has been a while between washes
  • Never wipe in circular motions
  • Work in sections to help you identify what you have already cleaned and to add spray before wiping
  • While you should not use a waterless wash on soiled exterior surfaces, Tango is still ideal for cleaning door jams – where you cannot possible hose down

The waterless car wash we recommend

AutoSmart Tango is the favourite quick detailer for car showrooms and professional detailers. Not only does it allow you to quickly clean your car, without water – it also leaves the surface with protective shine. Tango is also suitable for cleaning and polishing car door shuts, interior dash and trims – making it one of our most versatile products.