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Top 6 Car leather cleaning tips

Prevacum all shit off

if leather is heavily soiled – spray with g101 to aid in removal of marks. Similar to shampoos and detergents this will remove the soiling but also take out natural oils from the leather. As such you need to feed the leather to keep it subtle and soft again. Do not just spray and remove the soiling without feeding as this may lead to the leather becoming dry and potentially cause premature cracking

Light soiling / standard wear – we recopmmend the application of leather cleaner.

How to apply – Leather cleaner

Dilute as instructed on product

Insert microfibre cloth and then wring out but ensure the cloth is not wrung dry. You are after a cloth that is moist. Wipte to clean the surface. You ca use the Autosmart premium microfibre cloth to gently scrub areas more noticably soiled and markerts.

Once completed allow to dry then – and this is important to get the best results – clean out your bucket or container. Use a fresh microfibre cloth and remove any excess of the leather cleaner. Remember the product is a cleaner and not a conditioner.

Feed the leather – Leather Rejuvante

Feeding the lerather is vitally improtant to keep your leather soft and subtle.

Leather rejuvante

Application – Spray on, circular motion with microfibre cloth. Allow to dry naturally. Repeat proccess if the leather is particularly dry or if you have used the G101 method for a deep clean priro to using the leather clean.

Polish a smooth leather

If you want an even shinier surface than what you get out of using the leather rejuvante use SD QP. Our SD QP harnesses the power of bees wax and help lock in the moisture of the leather and once sprayed on can be buffed by a clean microfibere cloth.

Protect the leather

Upholstry protector

Spray on – buff with microfibre cloth

Tips to prevent premature leather wear

If using baby seta or booster seat place a soft towel or pad underneath to prevent wear on the leather