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Top 5 products to remove odours from cars

Try to work out what is causing the odour –

  1. if it the air-con vents spray odour eliminator in them and the silver biocide will kill the bacteria in the vents
  2. if it is food for the kids, vacuum the car – preferably in a biohazard suit
  3. Blast fresheners – disguise odours but not remove them
  4. Bio Brisk – For powerful odours caused by vomit, dog poo on your shoe, spilt coffee and off milk etc – remove excess stuff that’s on there – locate the origin of the smell – we spray until wet the area – place on top a warm damp towel and leave for 12 hours.
  5. Autosmart Air freshener – Masks fragrance
  6. Autosmart Odour fix – tobacco and other stubborn malodours