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Top 4 Car Detailing Kits

Car detailing kits can often be a great way to save money on your favourite car detailing products. However, they can also be full of products you don’t want – or worse, products you will never use. Sometimes it is best to consider a specialised car detailing kit that focuses on an area of your car.

Unlike most other car cleaning products, AutoSmart products are primarily used in the car cleaning industry. Not only do they feature quality materials, they also get the job done – fast.

AutoSmart bulk car detailing kit for new cars

Bulk Car Detailing Kit for Car Enthusiasts

Finally! a true car detailing kit for the car enthusiast. The car care items included in this kit are bulk in size, making it ideal for cleaning your own car or all the cars in your family. This kit is perfect for cars whose paint is in top condition, as such it is all about maintaining the quality of the surfaces.

We have also found that this kit is popular with car detailing businesses.

  • 4L Smart Wash low pH car shampoo
  • 4L G101 Exoress Multi Purpose Cleaner
  • Choose between 1L platinum wax or 1L Cherry Glaze Rapid Polish
  • Synthetic Chamois
  • 4 x Microfibre CLoth
AutoSmart Car Detailing Kit for used cars

Used Car Detailing Kit

Restore the appearance of your used car with products specifically designed to rewind the clock and make it look new again.

For the exterior: Mirror Image will remove light swirls and oxidation, restoring colour and quality of your car paintwork. Use Ultra Gleam to wash and wax your car. Pure Shine ensures your car tyres are looking slick once more.

For the Interior: G101 will remove staining on upholstery and clean grease from your car inside and out. ArmourGlow will dress your interior surfaces to give them a luxurious shine.

Includes: Mirror Image Wax Polish, Wash and Wax, Armourglow interior, G101 all-purpose cleaner, Pure Shine Tyre dressing along with accessories

AutoSmart Showroom shine car kit

Showroom Shine Car Care Kit

These are the products car showrooms swear by. We know this because AutoSmart has been supplying trade products for decades.

To get your car looking like it has just rolled off the showroom floor, we recommend applying Golden Touch – The 5 minute instant shine, getting a streak-free glass clean with Smart Glass, and of course, addressing your interior surfaces with Armour Glow.

AutoSmart random orbital buff machine

Orbital Buff Machine 900w Kit 13pc

The AutoSmart Random Orbital Buff Machine comes in a kit that is certain to give you the perfect, unblemished car surface.

Random Orbital Buff Machine is lightweight, so it does not feel like a burden to use. Instead, it offers you a soft start and random dual action motion to ensure the best possible finish

  • DA-900 Polisher with accessories
  • Sophisticut medium cutting compound 500ml
  • Evo+ adaptive compound 500ml
  • Platinum wax polish 500ml
  • Golden Touch 500ml
  • 3 x High Quality Buff Pads (varying grades)