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How to Clean Heavily soiled leather

please note: this is not a leather clean we recommend unless leather is heavily soiled

how to clean stained leather

If your car leather is terribly dirty then you need a stronger clean. Your leather seats may get to this point if there has been terribly long gaps between cleans, or if your car has been closed up for some time and showing signs of mildew and staining. Staining will also be more noticeable if you have cream car leather, as it exposes more marks and makes the stains look more prominent.

To clean tough stains from your leather, it will require a more drastic approach. It is important to note that this style of cleaning should not be done regularly and must also be followed up with a deep leather conditioner that will restore the oils removed during the clean

  1. Clean the car leather

    Spray the soiled leather with AutoSmart G101 Express. This is a heavy duty cleaner, so be sure to spray on and instantly wipe with a clean microfibre cloth that has been washed previously (to prevent any chance of dye run)

  2. Wipe the seats with a damp cloth

    Without saturating the leather, wipe the seats down with clean, damp cloth. When you are finished use a soft, dry microfibre cloth to dry the seats. Keep doors open to assist the leather to dry before conditioning

  3. Feed the leather

    The cleaning process will strip the leather of its natural oils as such it is very important to replace these oils straight away. Feed the leather with AutoSmart Leather Rejuvenate to prevent premature drying and cracking of your car leather

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