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The Secret to Restoring Faded Black Plastic on Your Car

The Secret to Restoring Faded Black Plastic on Your Car

When your vehicle was brand new, the plastic trim matched the black paint perfectly. Unfortunately, black plastic tends to fade and lighten over time. It loses some of its shine, taking away the sleek look of your car.

Rest assured, you don’t need to spend thousands replacing your black plastic trim around your wheel arches, bumper, and windows – as we show you below you can have the plastic restored back to its original need low-sheen luster in under 5 minutes.

Why does black plastic trim fade?

Plastics are complex carbon compounds that are easy to mold into any shape. This flexibility makes them easier to work with for car manufacturers looking for custom parts. However, unprotected plastic will break down over time. Exposure to the sun speeds up this process as UV light breaks some of the chemical bonds within the material.

There are several ways to protect your black plastic trim. When possible, store your vehicle in a garage, or use a car cover when parked outside. Applying a specially-designed protectant will also lengthen the life of your trim and ensure it stays looking the deep black it was when new.

Can I restore faded black plastic?

Faded plastic takes away from the appearance of your vehicle by making it look older than it is. Even though the engine may be running perfectly, the worn look may draw lower offers from potential buyers when it comes time to sell it.

Faded plastic is especially a concern with a black colour car because the fading is more obvious with the dark color. Trim around bumpers, doors, and door handles will stick out, looking more grey than black.

In the past, faded plastic was a permanent problem. Once the damage was done, you just had to deal with the results. Now, there is a product on the market that will restore faded plastic to its original color and shine. In about five minutes, AutoSmart Vinyl and Plastic Rejuvenator will revitalize your black plastic trim. In addition, a simple application will prevent further damage and premature aging.

The Secret to Restoring Faded Black Plastic on Your Car

Restoring Black Plastic Trim with AutoSmart Vinyl and Plastic Rejuvenator

With AutoSmart Vinyl Shield, returning your black plastic trim to its original look is a simple procedure. The process begins with a thorough cleaning of your vehicle. You want to be certain to remove any dust, grease, or grime from the affected parts. Starting with a clean car ensures that every plastic part will come in direct contact with the revitalizer.

When the car is ready, it is time to apply Vinyl and Plastic Rejuvenator. You can place the gel on an applicator pad or a lint-free microfiber cloth. Rub the product on all of the black plastic surfaces. You will notice the difference immediately. With about five minutes of work, this Vinyl Shield will get your black plastic trim looking as good as new.

Time needed: 5 minutes

Restoring your black car plastic, back to its original black, satin finish. This product is suitable for faded black plastics on your car bumper, trims, and around your windows. This product can also be used on interior car plastics

  1. Clean your car

    Give your vehicle a thorough clean, ensuring you remove all grime and grease from your black plastic trims

  2. Apply AutoSmart Vinyl and Plastic Rejuvenator

    Add the gel to a sponge applicator pad, or lint-free microfibre cloth. Wipe onto your car’s black plastic trim. You will instantly notice the difference