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Removing makeup from car interiors

Makeup such as foundation and lipstick can have some serious staying-power! Unfortunately it also transfers too easily from face, to fingertips to your car steering wheel and internal buttons. You may have noticed skin-colour marks on your window buttons or around indicator stick and not quite realised why it is so filthy. Now you know!

How to remove makeup stains from car interiors

Where makeup smudges are hiding

The main problem with makeup smudges, is you often don’t notice them until they are glaringly obvious. Below we’ve listed some of the places you should wipe down with G101 next time you are cleaning out the inside of your car.

  • Gear Stick
  • Hand brake
  • Door buttons/window buttons
  • Indicator / wiper
  • Aircon
  • Buttons on steering wheel
  • Visor

How to remove makeup stains from car interiors

What you will need:
– Microfibre cloths
AutoSmart G101 Multipurpose cleaner

  1. Spray sthe G101 directly onto the stain

    Depending on where the stain is, spray directly onto the stain or onto your microfibre cloth. G101 ready to use on your car surfaces

  2. Wipe your interior

    Clean away makeup stains by rubbing in circular motion. G101 is safe to use on all your car plastics, vinyl and upgolstery surfaces

  3. Protect your vinyl and plastics

    Once you have finished cleaning, treat plastics and vinyl with AutoSmart Armourglow Interior Dressing. This will add instant shine and protect plastics from becoming dull and brittle in the sun.