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Red 7 Wheel Cleaner


AutoSmart Red 7 is the fastest and most effective fallout remover on the market.

  • Australia’s Number One Wheel Cleaner
  • pH neutral aluminium cleaner and fallout remover
  • Fast and effective wheel cleaner
  • Simply spray on and hose off
  • Turns red on contact with metal particles
  • Safe to use on paint, rubber, plastic, aluminium and polished alloy


For a first-class wheel clean, you need a top-of-the-line wheel cleaner. AutoSmart Red 7 is the fastest, most effective clean for your wheels. And based on real reviews from verified customers, when you compare Autosmart Red 7 Wheel cleaner to the competition, not only does it give superior results but it is more economical.

Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner

Looking for an impressive way to clean your wheels and make them look like new? Red 7 Cleaner is just what you need! This pH-neutral, acid-free formulation quickly removes brake dust and corrosion, leaving your wheels looking shiny and new. Plus, the added gloss enhancers will make your wheels pop! Simply spray Red 7 onto your wheels and hose off – it’s that easy!

Fast Fallout Remover

Red 7 Wheel Cleaner is powerful Iron decon and fallout remover. It quickly and easily removes brake dust and iron particles from your wheel rims. Just spray it on and watch as it turns purple, indicating that it’s working to remove fallout.

Red 7 is safe to use on all wheel types and finishes, so you can keep your wheels looking like new. Keep your vehicle looking its best with Red 7.

Red 7 is safe for all surfaces including paint, rubber, plastic, aluminium, polished alloy, carbon and even the most delicate wheels and brake discs. It is also perfect for removing light corrosion from tools, brake discs, diesel tanks etc.

How to use AutoSmart Red 7 wheel rim cleaner

  1. Apply using the ready-to-use 500ml spray bottle, or if you have purchased 4 litres, use a spray bottle.
  2. Allow to sit for 1 – 2 minutes and brush if required.
  3. The product will turn purple when it comes into contact with metal-based soiling.
  4. Rinse using high-pressure water.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Can AutoSmart Red 7 be used on painted wheels?

A. Yes. Red 7 Cleaner is safe and effective on painted wheels.

Q. What happens if I accidentally spray this on my paintwork?

A. Red 7 Cleaner is safe to use on paintwork. In fact, many of our customers use this product to remove fallout and metal particles that become embedded in their paint – particularly on their bonnet and also around their wheel arch. To use on paint. Spray on and allow to dwell slightly then hose off.

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Fallout Remover, Wheel Cleaner


4 Litres, 500ml


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