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Heavy Fibreglass Rejuvenator


The Boat Smart Heavy Fibreglass Rejuvenator gives your gel coat a dramatic restoration by removing surface scratches and oxidisation. The result? A revived gelcoat.

  • Fixes heavy oxidisation
  • Heavy cutting compound
  • Removes scuffs and scratches
  • Safe for use on fibreglass gel coats and painted surfaces
  • Easy to use
  • Silicone Free
  • Size: 1 litre bottle


Gelcoat is a much harder surface than clear-coat on a car. So you need speciality gelcoat restorer. First examine the surface. If you have a heavily oxidised surface with the colours appearing faded you need a Heavy cut. The colour has not faded but the gelcoat layer covering the Boat is sun damaged and has millions of micro scratches. So what we need to do is remove the very outer layer of Gelcoat by removing only microns, it has a dramatic visual impact.

Detailing Tip –
Apply the product to the surface with an applicator pad. Using a wet buff pad work in all directions applying more water as needed. Keep working until the desired result is reached. Wash the compound residue away with Fiberglass Scrub and Compound remover.

See also: Hard Wax Polish

Additional information


1 Litre

Product Type

Cutting Compound


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