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Clay Bar


AutoSmart Clay Bars safely remove stubborn contaminants embedded in your vehicle’s paintwork, glass and trims.

  • Effectively cleans paint surfaces to a great finish
  • Faster alternative to cutting or polishing
  • Effectively removes fallout, tree sap, overspray


The Many Wonders of an Autosmart Professional Clay Bar

Have you ever seen a professional car detailer in action and wondered what that block of clay is they are rubbing over the paintwork? Well, that my friend is called a clay bar, Detailers use this amazing product for gentle but fast, effective removal of stubborn contaminants on your vehicle’s paint surface. Unlike harsh chemicals or harsh cutting compounds, they are gentle on the clear coat of your paintwork.


  • 1 x Clay Bar

What is a clay bar?

This quality Autosmart detailing product is made from polymer-based synthetic clay. It is extremely effective in removing many kinds of surface contaminants without harsh effects of cutting compounds.

What can you use it for?

It is widely used in the Automotive and detailing industry to remove overspray. You can also use a clay bar for the removal of tree sap, traffic film residue as well as bird droppings from your vehicle’s paint surface.

How does a clay bar work?

It works by picking up these contaminants from your vehicle’s paint surface. It leaves behind a smooth, beautiful finish.

And it’s extremely simple to use. To use an automotive clay, simply lubricate the paint surface with a pH neutral car shampoo such as Autosmart SmartWash. Gently rub the clay over the lubricant until the contamination is removed.

Once you have finished claying your vehicle’s paint surface, simply wipe off any remaining residue with a clean microfibre towel.

If you are looking for an effective way to remove stubborn contaminants from your vehicle’s paint surface, then look no further than a clay bar! They are quick and easy to use and will leave your vehicle’s paint looking smooth and shiny.

Also, unlike harsh chemicals or cutting compounds, professional detailers choose Autosmart bars to safely remove fallout without affecting the clear coat.

We also carry Clay Cloths for effective overspray removal.




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Clay Bar, Fallout Remover


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