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How to use a clay cloth

One of the most time consuming, and laborious jobs of detailing a car would have to be removing fallout, tree sap and bugs squash off your vehicle’s surface. Its a delicate process where you want to be certain that these particles are fully lifted – but you also don’t want to damage the paintwork by using abrasive and harsh chemicals.

This is where a clay cloth shines. Used correctly, a clay cloth will effortlessly pick up contaminants, simply by gliding it across your vehicle’s painted surface.

How to use a clay cloth

  1. Clean your car

    Remove soiling and traffic film with a pH neutral car shampoo

  2. Clay the car

    Dip the clay cloth into the suds, making sure that it is soaking wet. Using the soap as a lubricant, glide the cloth over your paintwork

  3. Wipe the clay cloth over the surface

    When you first start using the cloth you will notice that it doesn’t glide smoothly at first. As you continue wiping, the clay cloth will pick up these sticking contaminates. Remember to continually lubricate the surface with the cleaning shampoo .

  4. Smooth finish

    When the cloth is gliding without friction then you are done

  5. Add wax

    Now that you are finished, complete the detail with a wax protectant

Use car cleaner as a lubricant
Glide the cloth over the surface
The paintwork will be smooth when finished

How to take care of your clay cloth

To get the most out of your clay cloth, it is important you take a moment to care for it after each use.

The clay cloth pictured has been used six times, and is still in perfectly good condition, with many uses left in it.

After claying, rinse your cloth and hang with the clay section facing upwards. If you do not do this, the cloth is likely to stick together when drying.