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How to use a Chamois

Shammy or chamois?

Chamois is pronounced as shammy, which often confuses people when they are looking for a genuine chamois cloth for drying their car. In car detailing speak, a chamois is a drying cloth that gives you a spot-free finish after a car wash

Why use a chamois

A Chamois cloth is a highly effective tool for drying your car after a wash. Pushing and absorbing all the water off your car will result in a streak-free finish on your car paintwork.

What’s more, a quality chamois has a smooth, low abrasive surface, making it the safer choice for drying your vehicle. At AutoSmart we sell two types of chamois, a synthetic perforated chamois and a pva coating chamois. Both offer exceptional drying qualities

Why you should wet the chamois before using it

When a chamois is dry it is also almost as stiff as cardboard with very little give. wetting the chamois will loosen the cloth’s fibres and allow you to apply a supply cloth to your car. You will also find that onceyou have activated the cloth by rinsing and wringing out, it will readily absorb fluids on your car.

How to use a chamois to dry your car

How to use a Chamois for a spotless shine

  1. Wash your car

    Give your vehicle a thorough clean with a pH neutral Car Shampoo, or Wash and Wax. Pay particular attention to remove all dirt and grime deposits. Rinse the car thoroughly

  2. Rinse your chamois

    Rinse your new or previously used chamois before using it on your car. Wring out the chamois and you are ready to start drying the car.

  3. Wipe your car over with the chamois

    Lay the chamois out on your paintwork and hold the edges closest to you. In a wide, sweeping motion, draw the chamois towards yourself. This will dry away most of the water from the paintwork, leaving a spotless finish.

  4. Regularly wring out the chamois

    Just as you did when you rinsed the cloth, regularly squeeze out the excess moisture to leave yourself with a damp chamois.

  5. Clean and dry your chamois

    Be sure to thoroughly clean and dry your chamois. This will ensure any microscopic dirt particles are removed from the drying cloth and to ensure its longevity. To clean, hand wash in a mind detergent with warm water. Rinse thoroughly and hang on the line, fully stretched out.

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