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How to clean vomit out of your car

There are few smells that are as lingering or as potent as the smell of vomit. The problem is, when driving with children – particularly on long outings, there is always the potential for an out-of-the-blue projectile vomit to spoil your family road trip.

The problem of course is the smell that becomes ingrained into your car upholstery and carpet. All closed up in the car (notwithstanding the Summer heat) the smell just seems to expand with every minute that passes.

How to remove vomit fro your car. And the smell of vomit

Why is it so difficult to remove the smell of vomit?

We could get into the composition of puke – after all, there is the post-Friday night bender, the post-kids birthday party, carsickness, and plain old stomach virus types of vomit but at the end of the day, all vomit smells terrible. The combination of stomach acids, bile, and food will leach into your car upholstery and remain for every stinky unless you deal with it quickly – with the right chemicals.

How to clean vomit out of your car

Warning – this is not a job for someone with a weak stomach. Nonetheless, it must be done. Good luck!
Our methods will ensure you completely remove the odour-causing organic matter. When even a tiny bit is left behind, the smell will linger.

  1. Scoop up as much of the vomit as you can

    This is probably the worst part of the cleaning process. Using a spatular, or something with a hard edge (straight dustpan), try and scrape up as much of the puke as possible.

  2. Try and dry the area

    Pick up moisture with an absorbent microfibre cloth. Blotting car seats and carpets will help remove any excess moisture.

  3. Spray the area liberally with AutoSmart Biro Brisk

    Lay damp, warm towels over the area and allow BioBrisk to sit for around 8 hours. In this time, BioBrisk will neutralise and eat up any organic matter that is causing the bad odour.

  4. Allow drying

    Remove toweling and allow the upholstery to dry. Turn interior lights off and keep your doors open to allow to thoroughly dry

  5. Condition your leather

    If you have leather seat it is important that you clean them all and apply a concentrated leather conditioner. This will help to seal the leather and restore oils that were removed during cleaning

How to remove vomit from perforated leather

Perforated leather gives the ultimate stylish finish to any car. However, perforated leather does not stand up well against a child with car sickness.

To remove vomit from the perforations we recommend using the above technique. You will also need to use a soft brush to swirl over and into the holes to remove the remaining bits of debris. Then, you should clean the brush and clean the perforation using BioBrisk. This will ensure any organic matter is neutralised.

Why use AutoSmart BioBrisk?

AutoSmart BioBrisk is both a biological cleaner and a deodoriser. This specialised formulation works to effectively clean away soilings such as milk, animal smells, urine, and vomit. It also works very well to remove lingering smells of nicotine on upholstery and carpets.

The biocide works to eat away at the odour causing bacteria found in organic matter, ensuring that bad smells are dealt with at the source of the problem so that they don’t return.